The latest Apple iOS 14.6 update is bringing a host of new features to your favorite smartphone, but has also introduced some serious problems according to some users.

While the new release does bring with it many fixes and even more improved security, many users are reporting the Apple iOS 14.6 release is causing serious battery drain on their phones. These reports are painting the walls of the likes of Twitter, Reddit, and even Apple’s own community forums.

Youtuber iAppleBytes ran several tests and found the results were less than stellar:

“The improvement we had seen in iOS 14.5.1 is completely gone and then some,” states iAppleBytes. “This is the worst battery result I have ever seen on my devices. Your experience may be different, but this is not something I have seen on a similar scale before. Fingers crossed for a quick iOS 14.6.1 [release].”

So what is coming with the Apple iOS 14.6 release? Here are the release notes:

Apple Card Family

‌Apple Card‌ can be shared with up to five people, including anyone 13 years or older in your Family Sharing group
‌Apple Card‌ Family adds support for families to track expenses, manage spending with optional limits and controls, and build credit together

Subscription support for channels and individual shows
AirTag and Find My

Lost mode option to add an email address instead of a phone number for AirTag and Find My network accessories
AirTag will show the partially masked phone number of the owner when tapped with an NFC-capable device

Voice Control users can unlock their ‌iPhone‌ for the first time after a restart using only their voice
This release also fixes the following issues:

Unlock with Apple Watch may not work after using Lock ‌iPhone‌ on Apple Watch
Reminders may appear as blank lines
Call blocking extensions may not appear in Settings
Bluetooth devices could sometimes disconnect or send audio to a different device during an active call
‌iPhone‌ may experience reduced performance during startup

So iPhone users now have a decision to make. To they take advantage of the improvements or wait until Apple gets a handle on what is causing the issue? Early reports seem to point to the new Podcast app and/or Apple Music. However, Apple has yet to comment on the issue at the time of this writing. Will you run the upgrade? For now, I think I will wait. I don’t want to risk watching my battery drain to nothing for a new app that I may or may not use. What about you?