So it’s time to shop for a new computer, but what computer should you buy? Should you go for the tried and true Windows PC, or is it maybe time to consider your other options? With Apple’s new M1 processor getting rave reviews, you may be considering purchasing a Mac as your next upgrade instead of a PC.

As a user of all systems, I believe that almost all types of systems can work, and work well, depending on the user. For those of you that are considering a Mac instead of a PC, here are 10 reasons to use a Mac. Hopefully, these will help you make a decision that’s right for you.

1. Macs are Easier to Purchase

If you’ve spent more than a minute searching for a new PC, you know the choices are endless. This is a double edged sword, however. With so many choices, it can be difficult to determine which machine is best for you, especially if you are no hardware expert. Apple has limited choices, and yes that can be a good thing. They have fewer choices, but that can make it easier for you to select which Mac will work best for you.

2. The Apple Ecosystem

Apple has done a fantastic job of developing a unified ecosystem between all it’s devices. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, your experience with these devices increases exponentially if you use a Mac. These devices are built to work together seamlessly and efficiently, and from my experience they all just work. As time has gone by, Apple has worked to blur the lines between desktop and smartphone, with many apps not functioning on all types of devices. I believe it’s safe to say that this will continue to improve with each new update to both macOS and iOS.

3. Viruses and Security

I’m not going to sit here and say that viruses don’t exist for Macs. They do. In fact, just look at this article from February and you will see they do exist. Still, when it makes headlines that around 40k Macs were infected, then you know you are dealing with a system that has fewer viruses than a PC. If only that many PCs were infected, you wouldn’t even see it make the news. On top of that, because macOS is a descendent of BSD, a clone of UNIX, it’s much more secure than a PC could ever hope to be.

4. The Cost

Now hear me out on this one. Yes, you will pay more for your Mac up front. There is an “Apple tax” as the Internet loves to call it. But those of you that have heard that term I’m sure have also heard the quote, “you get what you pay for.” Apple sports not only a high end design with a premium build using top quality hardware, but also hold its value much better than any PC out there. Often you can trade in or sell a Mac for much more a few years down the road than you can with a PC. At least in my experience, they also tend to last longer than a typical PC. So yes, you can get a PC for cheap, but you won’t be able to recoup any of that investment in the long run, making the true cost of your Mac the same or even less than a typical PC.

5. You Can Run Windows

It’s true that there is some software, especially in the business world, that isn’t available for Mac. This is probably the biggest roadblock for many people to make the switch. But did you know you can run Windows on a Mac? Through the world of dual boot or using software such as Parallels to run a virtual copy of Windows, you can gain access to the entire software world of Windows while keeping your main life inside the world of Apple.

6. The Design

You can’t build a list such as this one without talking for at least a moment about the design of Apple Mac machines. Whether it’s their MacBook line, Mac Pro line, or their iMac. These machines are, quite frankly, works of art. While this may not be the most important thing to consider when buying a machine, I do believe it’s still worth at least considering. After all, who wants an ugly computer sitting on their desk? I know I don’t. Apple creates these machines with true style that has yet to be matched in the PC world. Sure some have come close, but they still don’t compare, and I’m not convinced they ever will. If you want a machine that looks amazing, a Mac is definitely the choice for you.

7. The Hardware and Software Are Designed for Each Other

One of the main reasons Macs work so well is due to one major factor. The same company that designs macOS also designs the hardware for macOS. Windows is designed to work on all PCs. Notice I said work. I did not say work well. Every PC manufacturer is free to use whatever hardware they want, and Windows is expected to support it. When you think about it, it is a pretty impressive feat that Microsoft has pulled off. But, nothing works as well together as a Mac running macOS. The experience is fluid and seamless with far fewer bugs compared to the Windows platform.

8. Operating System Upgrades Are Easier

How many of you have ever had to fight with Windows Update? I know I have. In fact, I have a PC right now that just doesn’t want to update, and it’s driving me mental. Updates to Apple software and macOS are, quite frankly, as easy as pie. I have never had an update fail on a Mac. I’m sure it happens, but not in my experience. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about Apple software breaking just because you run an update.

9. AppleCare

I’m the first one to scoff at the idea of extended warranties. In most cases, they are just a way for companies to scam you out of extra money. However, in terms of service, few do it better than Apple. AppleCare can be a huge lifesaver to you up to three years from the date you purchased your Mac, allowing you to get your Mac repaired free of charge. In some cases, they may even send you a replacement instead of trying to fix the one you have. The end result is less downtime for you, the end user, and you don’t have to worry about what you will do if something does happen to your shiny new Mac.

10. Useful Pre-installed Software, No Bloatware

How many of you have purchased a PC to find it filled with junk software that you simply don’t need? This software takes up valuable space on your hard drive and some even runs in the background, slowing down your system. Personally, when I buy a new PC, the first thing I do is reformat it to get rid of all that junk. But not everyone knows how to do that.

Macs come out of the box with a lot of software, too. But, this software is designed to work seamlessly with macOS and can often replace software that you currently use. From photo management to word processing and everything in between, you will find the software on a Mac to be everything but bloatware.

Parting Thoughts

Remember, I’m not here to tell you I believe Macs are better, but there are good solid reasons out there for purchasing a Mac, and it’s important that you know what they are. Apple Macs are solid, well-built machines that are a worthy choice for almost any computer user. With their unified software and hardware ecosystem, everything just works. This makes Macs are great machine for users who aren’t computer experts or those who don’t want to spend the time troubleshooting issues with drivers and software that you can experience in the PC world.