According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is preparing to launch the Airpods 3 later this year.

While the report fails to nail down an exact date for the release, if you follow Apple’s release schedule with any interest all signs point to a fall release. But Apple could shake things up and release them on a different date.

The report did confirm two rumored details about the new Airpods 3.

  1. The Airpods 3 will be released this year.
  2. The new design will look much like the Airpods Pro.

The new design features shorter stems, replacing the longer stem found on the Airpods. But this isn’t an exact copy of the Airpods Pro design. One big difference is the lack of removable ear tips, which do help those of us with smaller ear canals. But it does keep the more compact and classier look of the Airpods Pro, and this look should also allow for a smaller charging case compared to the Airpods.

The report itself focused mainly on the upcoming Airpods Pro 2, which is currently slated for release sometime in 2022. However, the report gave us just enough to get excited for a new release this year.

One thing that is missing from the report are details on the feature set that will be coming with the Airpods 3. One rumored feature is spatial audio, since it’s also coming to Apple Music. One feature that many experts believe won’t make it into the release, however, is active noise cancellation. With active noise cancellation set to make it to some of the competitors, the Airpods 3 will need a few tricks of its own to remain competitive.

It seems Apple has settled on a yearly Airpod release schedule, with new versions of their earbuds coming to market every year beginning in 2020. But will the Airpods 3 deliver enough new features to convince users to upgrade?